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element HOSPITALITY is proud to have worked with clients across the world, creating positive customer experiences. We currently work with clients on projects ranging from rescues of existing operations to the development of multiple venues from concept to profitability.


No project is too big or too small.  element HOSPITALITY is happy to provide a free evaluation for projects ranging from ‘rescue’ style interactions to full scale event planning and production. 

Chateau Nightclub

Venue Management


Business Planning

Las Vegas, Element Hospitality

Concept Design

Beer Park Las Vegas

Brand Development

Casino Concept

Consumer Product Sales Strategy

Las Vegas Pool

Project Budgeting

Ski Lodge Colorado

Project Management

Bar Restaurant

Competitive Analysis

Office Space Community

Custom Standard Operating Procedure Manual Creation

Bartending Mixology Pour Glass

Training Manuals

Fancy Vibes Las Vegas

Staff Training

Dance, Nightclub

Entertainment Planning

Live Music, Stage, Entertainment

Talent Procurement

Bar, Nightlife, Ambiance

Custom Marketing Plans

Wedding, Celebration, Champagne

Custom Operational Planning

Entrance, Venue, Security

Security Plan Creation

Party, Nightclub, Entertainment

Crisis Management

The Otheroom Menu

Menu Evaluation & Planning

Pool, Las Vegas, Pool Deck

Budgeting & Forecasting

Party, Nightclub, Entertainment

Event Planning & Execution

Beer Park, Las Vegas, Paris

Existing Venue SWOT Analysis

Ambiance, Nightlife, Cocktails

Bar & Nightclub Rescues

Beer Park, Las Vegas, Drinks, Food

Market Analysis

Drink, Cocktails, Cocktail, Mixology

Social Media Strategy

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